Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Q: What is ForexRobot.com?
A: Our forex robot allows you to automatically trade Forex and Crypto currencies using our technical indicator signals direct to compatible Forex and CFD brokers.

Q: How much does ForexRobot.com cost?
A: ForexRobot.com is free to join. When you create an account we automatically assign a compatible broker.

Q: Does ForexRobot.com work with Tablets and Mobiles?
A: Yes

Q: Does ForexRobot.com work whilst I’m offline?
A: No. You must have an active internet connection with your web browser open and logged into the robot platform page.

Q: How do I track my trading results?
A: All results placed by ForexRobot.com are found via the “trading history” in your connected broker account.

Q: What rates (pricing) are being used by each broker?
A: The rate is a live feed directly taken from the broker you are connected with.

Deposit & Withdrawal Questions

Q: What is the minimum amount I can deposit in a compatible broker?
A: $250 – $300 USD/EUR/GBP; depending on which broker you choose.

Q: How do I make a withdrawal?
A: You can withdraw at any stage by clicking the “Withdraw” button within the Robot trading platform. From there you will be taken to your connected broker account withdrawal page. Follow the withdrawal instructions.

Broker Questions

Q: How do I choose a broker?
A: Initially we will automatically assign a compatible broker based on your region. If more brokers are available in your region you can choose to connect them via the “brokers” link in the left hand menu.

Q: What is a CFD broker?
A: A CFD broker is a company that owns and operates a trading platform where clients can place trades on various underlying assets such are currencies using a CFD (known as a Contract For Difference).

Q: Can I use my existing broker account with ForexRobot.com?
A: No. Only new accounts are eligible.

Software Questions

Q: How do I start automatic trading?
A: Click here to join. Fill out the signup form. Next step is to deposit in your connected broker account. Once funded your balance is updated in your ForexRobot account. Last step is to activate the auto-trade button to begin receiving signals.

Q: How do I change my signal settings?
A: Click the “cog” icon in the “Signals” box.

From there you can adjust the following:

  • Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin, Dash, ETC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple
  • Indicators: Trend, MACD, RSI, STOCH, Williams & CCI
  • Time Frames: Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term

Q: Why did my trade close when both “Take Profit” or “Stop Loss” was not satisfied?
A: If your connected broker is on the SpotOption platform they will close all open trades before the weekend.

Q: I’ve made a deposit but the software is not letting me trade?
A: Make sure you verified your broker account. This must be done before any trades can be placed by our software. Account verification generally consists of providing your assigned broker a scanned copy of your personal ID (Driver License or Passport), residential address (phone or utility bill) and credit card.

Q. Can I trade on the weekend?
A. Yes you can for Cryptocurrencies but Forex currencies are only available from Monday to Friday.